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10 out-of-the-box topics for author newsletters

1 minute read

Are you tired of boring newsletters? Sometimes it seems that all emails are similar. As a result, people stop reading them as they don’t expect anything exciting. But you are the one who can break this chain. And we are here to help you.

Get 10 out-of-the-box topics for author newsletters that will surprise your readers. We promise they will look forward to your next emails!.

1. Extra chapters or extended version

The book doesn’t fall into the hands of the reader in its original version. The exception is self-publishing. If the author uses the services of a professional editor, they often offer to cut or swap something. It helps the story to sound more logical and consistent.

Therefore, you can share more extended versions of the book with your readers. Or show them chapters that are not included in the book.

2. Interviews with main characters

Let’s imagine that your heroes are real people. You can arrange interviews with them, asking questions that are not related to the book plot. For example, their favorite food, movie, hobby, and more. Also, before the interview, ask your readers what they would like to know about the characters.

Then share the heroes’ answers with the readers. You can present it as an actual interview in a magazine.

3. Alternative ending

It’s always interesting to know what happens if the story ends differently. What if the main character survives? What if the antagonist wins? What if the princess refuses a marriage proposal?

Tell your readers alternative endings of your book. Then, they can share their impressions with you. Would a different final make the story better or worse?  

4. Extra information 

Readers already know a lot about the main heroes. It’s time to tell them more about supporting characters. What did their parents do when they were younger? What does that friendly waiter from the favorite cafe usually do after the shift? Where does the teacher of the main hero live? 

Besides that, you can share the extended history of towns where events take place. Readers will be glad to learn more details about the world the characters live in. 

5. Share mood boards of how you see the story

Each person’s imagination works differently. Even if there is a detailed description of how the character or the city looks, readers can have their own views. The screen version of the book differs as well.

But it’s always interesting to look into the author’s head. You can create mood boards of how you imagine your heroes and places you write about. Share these collages with readers and ask them how many matches you have.

6. Share fan art made by your readers.

Books often inspire their readers for creating art. It could be illustrations, videos, songs, or fan fiction. Readers always put a lot of love while creating these pieces of art. They will appreciate it if the author notices them.

You can make a compilation of the fan works you like the most. Then share it with your readers with the authors’ names or links to their social media accounts.

7. Lists of character’s favorite things

Readers like to find something in common with their favorite characters. But books don’t usually provide enough information to satisfy each demanding fan. In this case, you can create a detailed list of tastes and hobbies concerning your heroes.

This profile can include information about favorite food, movie, hobby, season, clothing, color, song, music band, whatever. 

8. Quotes from your book

It’s a widespread practice among bookworms to share their favorite quotes. Readers like to add these phrases to their reviews. It proves that your book inspires them. Also, well-aimed quotes attract new readers.

Share some best quotes with your fans. Don’t write just text. Create beautiful images with phrases or PDFs. Then readers will be able to share them on social media or even print and stick them on the wall for inspiration. 

9. Let your readers try something in real life

You can help your readers to immerse themselves into your book as much as possible. Do your characters do something that real people can do? Let your readers experience it. That’s a real way to taste, smell and hear a book. 

If your hero plays the guitar, share a sheet with those chords. If your character cooks a delicious lasagna, send that recipe.

10. Writing prompts

Favorite books often inspire readers to become writers well. But to be just an author isn’t enough. Fans want to write as you do. You can help them by sharing some writing prompts. Use beginnings, characters, words, or situations from your book as examples. You can offer your readers to continue the story.

Ask your readers to send results back and write short reviews.

We hope you can’t wait to try these ideas. Which ones did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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Vasylysa In her spare time, Vasylysa likes reading books, writing fiction, gardening, and walking. She hopes to publish her own book and become a famous author one day.
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Jaye Marie
2 years ago

Thank you for these fabulous ideas for our newsletters, we will be trying them all!

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