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How to use Getcovers

1. Choose your package

2. After choosing a package, you’ll be redirected to our client portal. Add extra services to your order and complete checkout (we offer 100% money back guarantee)

3. Click on “Start the order” in your client dashboard. Fill in a book cover design brief and our managers will contact you to confirm the order.

Terms And Conditions

form an agreement between you (the Client) and GetCovers (the Company)


1. The Company guarantees control over the privacy of your ideas, manuscript, and files. These materials won’t be shared or distributed to the third party unless it is the Client’s request.

2. The Company uses only licensed and royalty-free images and fonts in the projects. Additional fees may be applied in case if the client wants the photo from stock photo sources other than the Company uses.

3. The Client agrees to abide by the terms of any license agreement for any images purchased by the Company through a third-party image provider for the book cover design.

4. When ordering from GetCovers, CLIENT is purchasing a STANDARD license that allows to:

  • Sell an unlimited number of e-books and promote the book
  • Use your print cover to sell up to 500k physical copies of books

5. For books with a run of over 500,000 units, the additional license has to be purchased by the client for each stock photo that has a major role in the cover design.

6. If the Client wants to use the cover design in any other way, other than ebook and paperback cover, ( to print on mugs or T-shirts, etc) , the Client is responsible for purchasing an Extended License.

7. If the Client wants to use the logo on the merchandise, the extended license should be purchased.

7. Images used for the client’s cover are royalty-free; however, the photographer owns the copyright to those photographs.

8. If the cover is used in a way that is not covered with the standard license, so it breaches the contract, it’s the CLIENT’S LIABILITY.

9. In the case of providing materials for the project, the Client is solely responsible for the validity of copyrights, trademarks, and ownership.

10. If the Client supplies the Company with materials subject to intellectual property rights by a third party, the Client will secure the appropriate rights to use the materials before directing the designer to incorporate them into the project. Should any intellectual property dispute arise involving materials the Client provides, the Client assumes full legal and financial responsibility.

11. The Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Company and its employees from copyright and permission infringement actions caused by the materials the Client provides.


1. GetCovers takes pre-payment for all design services. The Company agrees to provide a 100% refund if the client is not satisfied with the result. The refund is not provided after the client has approved the design.

2. The fee for the book cover design includes the following:

  • Back and spine design (for standard and premium packages only)
  • Print-ready book cover design (for standard and premium packages only).If the Client requires extra files formatted for more than one format/ platform, additional fees will be applied.
  • Source file (for premium package only) – flattened PSD file with separate editable text
  • Unlimited number of revisions before the project is completed
  • 1 month of free revisions after the project is completed
  • 3D mockup
  • Document with license details about images and fonts that were used

3. The fee for the illustrated book cover design includes the following:

  • Hand-drawn digital art in .pdf and .jpg formats
  • Source file
  • Licensed fonts
  • First sketch in 5-7 days
  • Free 3D model of the book

4. The fee for the logo design includes the following:

  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Source file (for standard and premium packages only)
  • Transparent logo
  • Branding guidelines (for premium package only)
  • 3D mockup

5. Additional fee will be charged if you want to make revisions one month after the project is completed.

6. Getcovers does NOT use AI for book cover design without author’s permission. We use only licensed images and always provide clients with the license or links to the assets per request.


1. The Company uses PayPal and Stripe

2. The Company offers a 100% refund if the client is not satisfied with the result. The refund is not provided after the client has approved the design.

3. Anything not written in the brief and subsequently requested can be additionally charged. In the design brief, the client is required to check the accuracy of the text that will be used as a part of the design.

4. Unlimited revisions do NOT apply if you decide to change the direction/concept of the cover after we already started working on the cover. Also, an additional fee will be applied if you want to add extra images. If you want to make revisions to the book cover 1 month after the project is completed, an additional fee will also be charged.

5. If your book cover is more complex and requires extra Photoshop manipulations, the Company may require an additional fee that is discussed before proceeding to work.


1. Upon receipt of full payment, the Company grants the Client the standard license for the book cover

2. The Company retains copyright and ownership of all design and draft materials.

3. The Company retains the right to use the Client’s final book cover design, name, and book title in the portfolio and with a marketing purpose.


1. To prevent copyright issues, the Company is required to check with the Client regarding the license rights of any files provided for use in the Work.

2.It is the Client’s responsibility to provide the Company with files possessing an appropriate license or necessary permissions. Any copyright infringements resulting from the use of Client-provided files remain the Client’s responsibility.

3. If the Client lacks rights to provided files, the Company reserves the right to decline their incorporation into the Work and propose alternative solutions.

4. If the Client wishes to integrate an AI-generated image into their work, it is important to know that the image should be licensed for commercial use, and the Company does not take responsibility if any copyright infringements may arise due to the use of AI-generated image provided by the Client.

5. The Company refrains from altering files created by other designers, except for tasks such as formatting assistance, adding typography, and designing a back cover and spine.

6. If the Client commissions the Company to continue the work of another designer, like creating a new cover in a series, the Client must obtain permission from their original designer. This is to allow the Company to use design choices from previous book covers for series consistency. This requirement is waived if the Client cannot contact their original designer or if commissioning the Company does not violate any agreement with the initial designer.


1. This agreement is the entire agreement of all parties. No additional promises or conditions are included in this agreement, oral or written.

2. By contacting GetCovers, the client accepts the terms and conditions above, as all the other information provided on our website, without the need for a signed agreement. It is considered that the client accepts the above terms and conditions, as all the other information provided on our website when contacting GetCovers via our website or via e-mail address.

3. Modification of any provision of this agreement is invalid and is not enforceable unless it is confirmed in written and signed form by all parties by e-signature or on paper.

4. The finding of any provision of this agreement to be unenforceable or invalid shall not make other provisions unenforceable or invalid.