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How Does It Work

  • Step 1. Grab the link

    Contact us and get your unique affiliate link.

  • Step 2. Place an ad

    Use the link or our pre-made banner to promote GetCovers through your website, blog, newsletter, social media, etc.

  • Step 3. Get paid

    Once your referred clients, followers, subscribers or fellow authors place an order, you earn the commission.

What’s in it for you

Get access to a user-friendly affiliate dashboard

You can track your clicks, sales performance, and earnings.

Enjoy the one-click integration

Everything’s automatized to deliver you the best experience possible.

Don’t worry about the operating costs

You won’t spend a penny - no investments, no hidden agendas.
Become an Affiliate

Value-added reselling

Learn more about our VARs program, add our design services to the list of things you offer, and grow your business.

How Does It Work

  • Step 1. Reach out to us to discuss reselling possibilities

    Let’s explore business opportunities together!

  • Step 2. Get approved based on the target audience match

    Perfect fit for publishing or marketing agencies, editing or proofreading companies, and those of you who cater to indie authors.

  • Step 3. Become an authorized reseller

    Expand the range of services your existing and potential clients might be looking for.

What’s in it for you

Stand out from the crowd

Pull ahead of your competitors and turn our design services into your winning competitive advantage.

Provide added value to your customers

Your clients will appreciate access to a wide range of high-quality design services.

We’ll guide you through the process

If you'll encounter difficulties and problems or have some questions, our support team will provide all the help you need.
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