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10 best tools for creating book promo images and mockups

1 minute read

Publishing a book will not make you a famous writer. After all, the author’s success depends on the number of readers and books sold. And how will people find out about the release of your novel without advertising? That’s right, no way. And what is essential for advertising? They are bright and eye-catching promo images that attract the attention of potential readers.

If you don’t have promotional images and publishing a book is just around the corner, you can create them in minutes or even seconds. We want to share with you 10 best tools for creating social media banners, ad images, bookmarks, and other stuff on your own. 

Let’s discover them closer.

1. Book Brush

The name speaks for itself: The platform offers designs created for book advertising. The advantage is that you do not need to scroll through many templates for other products.

On the website, you can find several sections for creating book promo images and mockups, in particular:

  • Custom Creator. You can create an image for a specific social network from scratch or use ready-made templates. All you need to do is choose your preferred background and upload your book cover.
  • Instant Mockups offer to instantly integrate your book into a particular atmospheric still-life, gadget screen, or promo image with ready-made inscriptions.
  • Cover Creator provides the basics for covers, taking into account the requirements of well-known self-publishing platforms. You can also choose the book format: ebook, print, audio.
  • Boxset Creator allows you to create 3D images of a series of books, for example.
  • Trailer Creator lets you create simple videos on a thematic background, where you can insert a description and a 3D image of the book.

Book Brush offers a convenient template search function by story genre for promo images and book trailers. The platform includes a free plan with limited access to templates and paid subscriptions with unlimited features ($8.25-20.50/month).  

2. Adazing

This platform is super easy to use because there are no complex editors that can be difficult to understand. You only need to choose the desired template, upload your book cover, and instantly get a promo image or 3D mockup.

Adazing offers various layouts, including animated ones, and two tools: Free Book Title Generator and Free Fiction Name Generator. The platform is generally free, but you can donate to its development.

3. Media Modifier

This online platform creates digital marketing images for various products, including books. Pay attention to the large section of the site called Mockups and select the book category in it. Media Modifier will offer you a variety of ready-made templates for creating a 3D image of your novel. Click on the one you want and upload your cover.

You can also create images for social media, merch, and pictures for your author site.

Media Modifier offers a free plan with a limited number of layouts and a paid subscription for $15.83/month.

4. DIY Book Design

It’s another online tool dedicated exclusively to book design, namely 3D mockups. It is super easy to use and has a limited number of templates. However, this platform is ideal for those who need just the base to create promotional images without excessive decoration.

You can choose to create a single or composite image. Next, select the desired template, upload your book cover and get a ready-made mockup. In fact, the whole process takes a few seconds literally.

5. Canva

Canva is one of the most well-known tools for creating a wide variety of digital images, from social media banners to infographics. Many authors actively use this resource to fill their author accounts and blog.

Despite the many sections, Canva is easy to use because the site’s structure helps you quickly find the template you need. You can use ready-made layouts or create your own from scratch, choosing a simple section, font, color, etc.

Here is a little tip to avoid getting lost among many designs: Enter the word ‘book’ in the search. Canva will give you hundreds of ready-made layouts that you can filter by category and style. Create Instagram and Facebook posts, checklists, bookmarks, and other things.

6. Smart Mockups

This tool offers many layouts for different products, and books are one of them. Choose what you like from the many provided templates to create an eye-catching and stylish promo image. Then everything is simple: Upload your cover and enjoy the result.

Smart Mockups offers free access to over 2,700 templates. You can also choose a paid subscription for $9/month and choose from over 12,300 mockups.

7. Poster My Wall

Enter ‘book promo’ in the search to find the necessary template on the Poster My Wall platform quickly. You will immediately receive thousands of colorful layouts that you can use to create professional banners, social media images, and more. Optimize your search by choosing the necessary category in the filter section. In addition to pictures, you can create animations and short videos.

Poster My Wall offers free usage, which includes access to more than 855,000 templates. Paid subscriptions with advanced features cost $9.95-29.95/month. 

8. PicMonkey

Developed by Shutterstock, PickMonkey allows you to create various promo images from scratch or based on ready-made templates. If you need pictures for social networks, select the category you need. Enter the word book in the search to view all available book-themed layouts. After choosing the necessary design, you can change it in an editor.

PickMonkey offers a free trial. You can buy a paid subscription in the future. A basic plan with access to over 7,000 layouts costs $6/month. Pro Plan and Business Plan with advanced features cost $10-19/month.  

9. Placeit

Placeit by Envato offers an extensive gallery of various mockups, including book promo images. To optimize your search, you can filter examples by gender, age, size, objects, etc. After choosing the layout you want, upload your cover. If necessary, you can easily crop it in the editor. Also, if desired, add graphic elements from the gallery of the platform.

You can use the tool for free or buy a $7.47/month subscription to access more mockups.


It’s a convenient online editor for creating promotional images. After sorting layouts by book theme, you can find additional categories, such as bookshop images, book launches, bookmarks, and more. Click on the mockup you like to edit the text or add your book cover. offers free access with thousands of free templates or a paid subscription for $9.9/month with a gallery of 35,000 premium layouts.


Creating book promo images and mockups is a simple and exciting activity if you find the right tool. The only thing you need to have is a ready-made cover. And then be careful not to get sucked in by the kaleidoscope of awesome ready-made templates.

However, if you want unique promo materials, order them from a professional designer.

Do you create promotional materials using online tools? What is your favorite? Please share with us in the comments.

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