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Book Promotion Tips: Interview with Nina Amir

3 minute read

We’ve been lucky to interview Nina Amir — the Inspiration to Creation Coach, inspires writers and bloggers to create published products and careers as authors. Additionally, she helps her clients and readers achieve their potential, fulfill their purpose and make a positive and meaningful difference with their words. She is the author of How to Blog a Book, The Author Training Manual, and Creative Visualization for Writers.

We absolutely loved your expert round-up “Tips for Promoting Nonfiction Books Successfully”. Could you please share your favorite nonfiction book marketing strategies?

My favorite nonfiction book marketing strategy is a virtual book tour… Hands down! This strategy includes a blog tour, a podcast tour, social media blasts, and even a radio tour. 

I’d add to this an email campaign, if you have an email list in place. And, if you have the budget, add in Facebook or Amazon ads.

Nonfiction authors are experts and influencers. Therefore, they should reach out to other experts and influencers who might be willing to help promote their new release. With a sound reciprocity offer, they can get those with bigger followings or lists to get on board to help with the launch.

What are the most effective ways for a nonfiction author to reach their target audience?

I still believe in blogging as the best way to reach a target audience — especially for writers who prefer written mediums. Then, share your posts on social media.

That said, live video, such as on Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok, is probably the most powerful audience-building tool available. Groups, such as on Facebook, are also effective. Share your posts there and go live on a schedule. You’ll be surprised how fast you grow an audience.

Nina, what are the common mistakes non-fiction authors make when promoting their books?

1) The first and most common mistake is not building an author platform first. You must have a built-in readership for your book if you want to sell copies during a launch.

2) The second mistake is waiting until the last minute to build an author platform.

3) The third mistake is promoting in ways that don’t feel authentic. Your audience feels your energy. If you are uncomfortable, they will know, and won’t purchase your book.

In your article “What Authors Need to Know About Marketing on Instagram”, you encourage writers to create an author Instagram profile. Could you please name your 3 favorite Instagram promotion strategies for nonfiction authors?

  • Instagram live — talking about and offering tips on your topic area.
  • Instagram stories — I kind of hate that they disappear, but people love them! 
  • Sharing “quote cards” — images with quotes from your blog; drive people to your website this way.

What’s your stand on the importance of book description in nonfiction book marketing?

It’s essential. It contains keywords and keyword phrases that attract people to your book via online searches. Plus, potential readers will read the description (on an online bookstore site or the back cover) as they make a decision to purchase or not to purchase.

Nina, what do you think is the role of book cover design for nonfiction authors?

It’s still true that people judge a book by its cover — and buy or not. So, book cover design’s primary role is to attract readers.

After that, the back cover — with the book description and testimonials — has the biggest impact.  And finally, the table of contents in a nonfiction book can make or break a sale.


We thank Nina for her time and valuable nonfiction book promotion insights. Hope, you learned something new. 

If you need help with marketing materials or book cover design, we’re open to your requests 24/7


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