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10 Steps to Writing a Book Blurb that Converts

1 minute read

The book blurb is your first chance to entice readers into your literary world. But how to write a description that makes readers buy your book?

In this article, we’ll explore the ten essential steps to crafting a book blurb that converts curious browsers into eager readers.

1. Know your genre

The first rule of crafting a compelling book blurb is understanding your genre’s expectations. Each genre has its own unique conventions when it comes to book descriptions. Fiction demands intrigue, while nonfiction needs specificity. 

Dive into the blurbs of bestsellers in your genre and dissect them. Pay attention to the tone, style, and content that resonates with your target audience.

2. Start with a hook

Your opening sentence should be a literary hook designed to reel readers in from the very beginning. It should pique curiosity, provoke questions, and leave readers yearning for answers. 

A well-crafted hook can be a question, a provocative statement, or an intriguing scenario.


3. Intrigue and do not open all the cards

Resist the temptation to reveal your entire plot. Instead, offer a glimpse of the backstory and hint at the challenges and adventures awaiting your characters. Maintain an air of mystery; make sure the outcome remains tantalizingly uncertain.

4. Keep it short

In our fast-paced world, readers don’t have the patience for lengthy descriptions. Aim for brevity by keeping your blurb between 150-200 words. A concise blurb allows potential readers to quickly assess if your book aligns with their interests and saves them valuable time.

5. Define your unique selling point

Identify what sets your story apart and emphasize it in your blurb. Whether it’s your unique writing style, a fresh perspective, extraordinary characters, or a captivating setting, make sure it shines through in your description.

6. Choose a tone of voice that suits your story’s mood

The tone of your blurb should align with the mood of your book. For children’s literature, use simple language and a cheerful tone. Romance demands a romantic atmosphere, while thrillers and horror thrive on suspense. If you’re delving into the realm of erotic literature, embrace a provocative style.


7. Introduce your characters

Your characters are the heart of your story. Briefly introduce them in your blurb, highlighting what makes them unique or relatable. Well-crafted characters can be a compelling reason for readers to dive into your book.


8. Tell what the conflict is

No one wants to read about ordinary life. Explain the extraordinary conflicts your main characters face and the challenges they must overcome. Tease the reader with the promise of high-stakes drama or emotional turmoil.

9. Ensure readability

Don’t overwhelm readers with a dense block of text. Break your blurb into short paragraphs, even one to two sentences each. This formatting choice makes it easier for readers to scan your book description and digest the information.

10. Test your blurb with your focus group

Before finalizing your blurb, create multiple versions that are distinctly different. Seek feedback from friends, family, and beta readers to identify which version most effectively piques their interest. Your focus group can provide valuable insights into what resonates with potential readers.

Summing up

Crafting a compelling book blurb is an art form that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Keep it concise and intriguing, revealing your story’s unique selling point and introducing characters. Remember, your blurb is your book’s first impression, so make it count.

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Vasylysa In her spare time, Vasylysa likes reading books, writing fiction, gardening, and walking. She hopes to publish her own book and become a famous author one day.
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