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A detailed guide to author collaboration: Tips and ideas

5 minute read

If you’re looking for an additional channel to promote your books, consider collaboration with other authors. Cooperation with indie writers is an effective way to increase book sales and recognition of each other.

We have prepared a detailed guide to author collaboration, which will help you organize your work effectively. Let’s get started.

What are the advantages of indie-author collaboration?

Other indie authors aren’t always your competitors. With the right approach, they can become your reliable allies.

Collaborating with fellow indie authors, you can:

  • Cover a bigger audience. If you write in the same genre and a similar style, then fans of your fellow author will be happy to read your books as well.
  • Exchange experiences. As an indie author, you can share life hacks on self-publishing, book cover design, marketing, etc. And if you write in the same genre, exchange the secrets of writing skills.
  • Help to edit each other’s manuscripts. You can become mutual beta readers of your books.
  • Diversify your content. Write guest posts for each other or create interesting interactive content together.
  • Create cool products. Two creative heads double the chances of creating something fantastic for your target audience.
  • Have fun. Besides the mutual benefit, isn’t it fun to create something with a like-minded person? You can have a good time recording collaborative podcasts, preparing for writing marathons, or hosting live streams.

How to collaborate with a fellow indie author?

Surely, you can get at least a minimal benefit from working with any indie author. But we want to tell you how to increase its effectiveness.

To begin with, how to choose authors to collaborate with?

  • They must write in the same genre. In this case, you can share tips and secrets of writing and help each other improve the manuscript.
  • They must have the same target audience so you can get new readers who are interested in your story.
  • It’s better to find those authors who have a similar level of popularity. Let’s be honest: An author with 1,000,000 readers is unlikely to work with an unknown aspiring writer.

Now let’s imagine that you have found an ideal ally, but how to ensure effective collaboration?

  • Communicate! This basic rule helps to avoid a lot of difficulties and misunderstandings.
  • Choose the type of cooperation that you both like and can contribute to.
  • Make a content plan. Brainstorm and then select the best ideas by deciding who will prepare what.
  • Decide on dates or deadlines. If you prepare content for social media or a guest post, decide when it is ready. If you want to arrange a joint event, choose a date suitable for both of us.
  • Discuss the expected results and benefits for each other. At the end of cooperation, you can compare expectations with reality and evaluate the effectiveness of collaboration. You will also be able to draw conclusions for the future.

Ideas for cooperation for indie authors

Now is the time to share specific ideas for cooperation. You can choose one type of cooperation or combine several at once. It all depends on your desire, time, and capabilities.

1. Engage on social media

This is the most accessible way because most authors and readers have social networks. They are always at hand in a smartphone and allow you to publish different content. Collaboration in social networks can include:

  • Posts of your joint authorship
  • Reviews of each other’s books
  • Giveaways with shared gifts for readers
  • Tags allow you to add your post to the news feed of another author’s readers
  • A recommendation list where you mention your ally’s book
  • Stitch on TikTok allows you to interact with each other’s video content, natively mentioning the other author.

2. Host live events

You can host live broadcasts on social networks or use Zoom or any other convenient platform. Choose a topic to discuss that interests you both. Don’t forget to answer readers’ questions.

3. Create a podcast

A podcast is a great way to reach those potential readers who like to listen to something while doing other things. Like for live broadcasts, choose an exciting topic, prepare a rough script and record a release. You can make the podcast regular or one-off.

4. Write guest posts

If you have author sites, you can write guest posts for each other. Let everyone choose a topic that they understand best. After all, it should be quality content that shows expertise of you both.

5. Review each other’s books on different platforms

Don’t limit yourself to Amazon or Goodreads. The more reader platforms you cover, the more readers you will bring to each other.

6. Become each other’s beta readers

If you have chosen the right author for cooperation, they most likely know your genre and its features. So why not improve each other’s stories? Yes, this is not about marketing, but it will help you overlook weak points in your story..

7. Arrange joint master classes on writing

Readers love to learn the secrets of the writing skills of their favorite authors. Hold a joint workshop where supporters from both sides will gather.

8. Release a joint collection of short stories

For this, you can invite several indie authors and choose a common theme that will unite all the stories. Such a collection will introduce readers to new writers in their favorite genre.

9. Share opinions on book cover design

Become a member of each other’s focus groups to help create a marketable and eye-catching cover. After all, the book cover is often the key to deciding whether a potential reader will pay attention to your story.

10. Run writing marathons

Let your readers practice writing like their favorite writers. You and your fellow author can be teachers who will give valuable advice and feedback during the writing marathon.


Collaborating with other indie writers can be hugely beneficial for everyone involved. The primary condition is to choose authors with the same target audience and level of popularity. Be sure to discuss all the details of the cooperation, and do not hesitate to ask questions as they arise. After all, communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings.

You can collaborate on social networks, arrange live broadcasts or master classes, and write guest posts and reviews. It all depends on your desire and capabilities.

Which idea for cooperation with other authors did you like the most? Share with us in the comments.


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