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What low-content book niches are profitable in 2022?

5 minute read

You don’t have to write a twisted fiction novel to make a profit from selling books. It is enough to create a bright book with a minimum of text, but a maximum of exciting activities.

To help you choose what low-content book to create, we have collected for you the 10 most profitable niches in 2022. We selected them using the Kindlepreneur Amazon Book Sales Calculator, which is more accurate then TCK one. It has got advanced calculations that also estimate the earnings per day/month, taking into account things like royalty rate, price, and size of the book. tools help to understand how many sales are done monthly and how much money the author earns. 

For example, the Plants & Trees Word Search book’s BSR is 438,327, the price is $6.99, and it contains 52 pages. Entering this data into the calculators, we found out that it has 244 sales monthly, and the royalty is $2.04. Thus, the author can easily get almost $500 per month selling this low-content book. 

Now let’s get to the niches.

1. Word Search Books

Each page of such a book contains a large square (or another geometric figure) randomly filled with letters. The essence of activity is to find words in this chaos. These books’ popularity is caused by the fact that, unlike crosswords, a person may not have deep knowledge. It is enough to look for the words indicated under the square. However, word search books are also helpful for brain development.

You can create a book yourself from scratch or use free templates to prepare, for example, by visiting Twinkl. To create a unique book, choose a narrower topic. After all, there are more than 60,000 word search books on Amazon. But if we add a specific word, for example, ‘plants,’ we will find only 1000 issues.

Word search book example from Amazon

2. Dot-to-Dot Books

This fun activity assumes that the reader will get a complete picture after connecting all the dots on the page. The dots themselves are usually numbered for convenience. In the end, readers can color the picture additionally.

You can create such books for children by choosing simple drawings with a small number of elements and for adults by including large complex images in the collection. You can find templates on the Internet. But if you know Photoshop, at least at a basic level, here is a life hack:

  • Choose the desired picture and open it in Photoshop
  • Add another layer on top
  • Circle the image with dots on top
  • Remove the bottom layer
  • Dot-to-dot image is ready.

Dot-to-dot book example from Amazon

3. Crossword Books

People like to take a crossword puzzle book with them on vacation. It’s exciting and good for the brain. The first crosswords appeared in the 19th century, but they do not leave the shelves of bookstores to this day. 

The main secret here is to create crosswords dedicated to a highly specialized topic, like hobbies. If we add the word ‘fishing’ to the main search, we will find only 574 results. Why not supplement this niche? You can find lots of free samples, for example, on

Crossword book example from Amazon

4. Puzzle Books for Seniors

Do not be surprised, but such books are similar to books for children. However, they are intended for older people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other memory or cognitive function problems. No matter how cool it is, older adults need exercises to develop thinking no less than children.

Puzzle books for seniors usually include simple tasks, for example, finding objects, easy words, remembering the names of things, etc. If you are going to create such a book, choose a large format suitable for visually impaired people.

Puzzle book for seniors example from Amazon

5. Coach Planners

Such books are easy to make because most pages contain the same images of football, basketball, or other sports fields. Such marking allows the coach to draw game schemes and interactions between players. During the season, athletes may need more than one planner, so sales of such low-content books remain stable.

In addition to images of sports fields, you can add pages with a calendar and tables to fill in information about the team and its players.

Coach planner example from Amazon

6. Coloring Books

This is another way to make people feel like artists besides dot-to-dot books. Coloring books are of different types: for children with cartoon characters, for adults with complex drawings with many details, graphics for relaxation and stress reduction, etc.

You can create coloring books using ready-made templates available by visiting Canva or Coloring Home.

Coloring book example from Amazon 

7. Witch Notebooks

Witchcraft is becoming a more and more popular topic today. Of course, who doesn’t want to become a wizard like Harry Potter? If you look at Amazon’s bestsellers, many books on magic have over 10,000 positive reviews.

To join this niche, writing a novel about witches is not necessary. It is enough to create witch notebooks, where those who wish can write down various spells, recipes for magic potions, properties of magic stones, etc. Pay close attention to creating an eye-catching book cover that fully reflects the mysterious and magical mood.

Witch notebook example from Amazon

8. Blank Sticker Books

Surprisingly, such low-content books are top-rated, although they do not carry much meaning. They represent a book with blank pages, where fans of various stickers can glue colored images. Some people find it relaxing to make ASMR videos of themselves sticking pictures.

Note that you can’t just make the pages blank; otherwise, Amazon won’t accept such a book. You need to add at least minimal page decoration. Also, the book may contain pages for information about the owner and some minimal entertainment activities.

Blank sticker book example from Amazon

9. Teacher Planners

At first glance, these books seem not profitable because they are seasonal. People buy most of them in the middle of summer when the school year begins. However, on the other hand, teacher planners remain steadily in demand. Creating one high-quality notebook with excellent and diverse content will bring you profit every year.

What is important? Make an undated planner. You can find many free templates on Freepik or Day Designer. Also, do not add a specific year to the product name. Amazon does not allow you to change the description later. And the planner from 2021 in the description is unlikely to be bought by anyone. Make a universal description of your teacher’s planner. 

Teacher planner example from Amazon

10. Children’s Activity Books

These books are intended to develop children’s thinking and writing, reading, and arithmetic skills. They usually include simple puzzles and tasks. Children’s activity books help to learn the alphabet and numbers in preparation for school.

You can create books from ready-made templates. Or you can try to come up with something more unique by combining free vector images in Canva or graphic editors. The main thing to remember is that such books should be as colorful as possible and contain many pictures of animals or favorite cartoon characters.

Children’s activity book example from Amazon

Summing up

Now you know that you can make a profit by creating low-content books, namely:

  • Word search books
  • Dot-to-dot books
  • Crosswords
  • Puzzles for seniors
  • Coach planners
  • Coloring books
  • Witch notebooks
  • Blank stickers books
  • Teacher planners
  • Children’s activity book.

To make your book more successful, choose a narrower topic, for example, a hobby, and take care of a high-quality eye-catching cover.

Have you ever created a low-content book? Share your experience in the comments.

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Vasylysa In her spare time, Vasylysa likes reading books, writing fiction, gardening, and walking. She hopes to publish her own book and become a famous author one day.
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