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20 ways to promote your book on Facebook

1 minute read

Let’s assume you wrote a book and announced it on your Facebook page but didn’t wake up the most successful writer of all time the next day. What went wrong? Unfortunately, you have to work hard to make this social network to help you gain popularity and new readers.

However, we promise that these efforts will pay off. And to help you make this process more exciting, we have prepared a list of  20 ways to promote a book on Facebook. So, let’s get started.

How the Facebook algorithm works for book authors

Facebook’s algorithms change almost every year, so what worked in 2021 doesn’t work in 2022. You better learn more about its peculiarities to know how to market your book on Facebook.

Unfortunately, readers don’t see each of your posts. The social network evaluates each publication: How engaging the content may be to a particular user. For the most part, it depends on what and with whom a person interacts. If the user mostly watches videos, Facebook will offer videos. If people enjoy funny memes, they will see them more often.

That’s why it’s essential to use different ways of Facebook marketing for authors. Users hardly actively enjoy the announcements of your books and other similar content. It would help if you interested your followers by offering them engaging publications. In addition, it’s essential to create diverse posts so that all potential readers get their favorite format.

But before you start creating content and setting up ads on Facebook, you have to study your target audience in detail. It is essential to consider everything: Age, location, gender, interests, and tastes. This analysis will help you better understand what topics you should cover in your publications and how to set up your ad to reach the maximum number of readers.

Now you know a little more about how the Facebook algorithm works. It’s time to make it work for you using different promotion tricks.

How to promote your book on Facebook

We’ve put together 20 of the most influential and creative ways you can advertise your ebook or book on Facebook. Let’s look at each in more detail.  

Create an author’s page

It’s the first and most essential step in promoting the book on Facebook. Of course, you can use your account, but some business features, such as a store or ad settings, won’t be available there. In addition, the author’s page is an excellent way to separate personal life and career.

While creating the author’s page, take care of all the details: Your writer’s bio with some essential facts, high-quality profile picture, and background image. Don’t forget to add links to other social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your website.

Add the shoppable function

If you have your author’s page, which is essentially a Meta Business Manager account, you can add the ability to purchase your books without going to other resources. All your works will be immediately before the eyes of potential readers, and nothing will distract people from buying. So how do you add the shoppable function?

  • Go to the Create Your Shop page
  • Choose your author’s page
  • Select your Meta Business Manager account
  • Select the catalog you want to use for your shop
  • Check all your shop details, review and agree to the Seller Agreement
  • Click to finish the setup.

Once you have created your bookstore on Facebook, you can manage and modify it at any moment.

Create engaging content

Content making is an essential part of Facebook marketing for books. Here, you can’t do without creating publications engaging and inspiring your readers. It turns out that many writers don’t care about Facebook content. For example, all their posts are news concerning their new books. And then such content looks more like spam. Don’t make this mistake! Create engaging and valuable posts. But what can you write about on the author’s page?

  • Events from your life
  • Useful writing tips
  • Lists of favorite books
  • Movies that impressed you
  • Reviews of other authors’ books 
  • Own insights about everything in the world
  • Recipes for favorite dishes
  • Behind the scenes moments of writing a book.

And between such posts, the news about your books will be more harmonious. Moreover, readers will look forward to them.

Write short posts

However, you don’t need to turn Facebook into a blog and write full-fledged articles there. Write short notes that people can quickly view. Keep longreads for your blog. You can then post a brief description of the large text on Facebook and add a link where readers can find the full version.

Share excerpts

This type of content may be slightly longer than others. However, you don’t need to upload half of the book again. Share excerpts and publish a chapter of your book on Facebook, for example, exciting dialogues, descriptions of characters, or places of events. Such texts will intrigue readers and keep them excited until the release of your new book.

Share diverse content

Facebook offers super opportunities to create different content, from text posts to videos. It’s a shame not to draw on this! Therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to writing texts, no matter how interesting they may be. People like to watch exciting videos and laugh at memes. By the way, users repost such content more willingly. You don’t need to restrain yourself from generating multimedia content, even though you are a writer. Publish funny pictures, images, and quotes, and share your books’ trailers.

Promote your books using Facebook ads

Facebook provides handy tools that make it easy to set up advertising, even if you’ve never done it before. For advertising, you can use an existing post with a description of your book or create a new ad by choosing a different format. So how to start running an ad on Facebook?

  • Choose your goal: Traffic, brand awareness, engagement, or others
  • Adjust your target audience settings to the smallest detail
  • Select placements to run your ads (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Set a budget
  • Choose a format, such as a text post or video
  • Place your order.

Once you’ve run your ad, you’ll be able to track its performance in your business account.

Share updates and news 

Yes, we talked about the fact that you don’t need to turn the feed into a continuous stream of posts about the release of your new book. But it would help if you didn’t ignore updates and news. Keep your readers informed when your next story or sequel to their favorite series comes out. Don’t forget to add pictures of your stunning book cover design.

Countdown days to your next release

When there is almost nothing left before the book is published, you can count the days on your author’s page. Such publications will heat the public’s interest. You can also ask additional questions, such as whether readers are waiting for a new release, what they think will happen in the book, and so on.

Keep the publications regular

Keep in mind that promoting a book on Facebook is an ongoing process. You can’t add a few excellent posts and expect incredible results. Your author’s page should be live and active. When readers get there, they must understand that you are evolving and writing new books. Without regular publications, it is unclear whether the author is still working. In addition, scheduled publications significantly increase the chances of more people learning about you. After all, if one post doesn’t collect a lot of likes, another can spread everywhere.

Ask family and friends to repost

It may not be the most honest way to promote your posts, but who but our family and friends? So don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones to share and like your posts, and write comments if necessary. There may be those interested in your genre of the book among their followers. 

Share recorded interviews

Did you give an interview, or did you speak on a radio station? You may have visited a popular evening show. Be sure to share such news with your readers. After all, they could have missed the announcement of this event. But your loyal readers are always interested to know more about you, your work, and your life.

Host Facebook live chats

Like interviews, live chats allow readers to learn more about you. However, their advantage is that it’s a way to interact with your readers directly. During such online broadcasts, you can answer questions and comments from viewers. Also, for convenience, you can announce a live chat in advance, invite readers to write questions in the comments, and then prepare a list of the most interesting ones.

Take advantage of ‘recommendation’ posts

You may not have thought about it, but human psychology suggests that we like to help others. This peculiarity can increase interaction with readers on your author’s page. You should use ‘recommendation’ posts, where you ask for advice from your followers. Have them recommend a cover designer for your new book or a place to present the book in their area. You can also ask more common questions, such as which movie to watch on the weekend or snacks to prepare for your daughter’s birthday.

Invite people who’ve enjoyed your posts to like your author’s page

It is an effortless way to get more readers for your author’s page, which means more potential buyers. All you need to do is click on the number of likes of your post and invite people who enjoyed your content to like your author’s page. Then they will see your updates in their news feed. 

Create event pages

Facebook is an excellent platform for event announcements, whether offline or online events. You can create event pages and invite your followers there. Don’t forget to add a bright banner with your book, a detailed description of the event, the place and time of the meeting, or a link to join the online conference.

Establish a community of loyal readers

In addition to the author’s page, create your book club, where your fans can discuss your books and share impressions, favorite moments, and quotes. Also, don’t forget to participate in the discussions. Create topics where readers can ask you questions directly. Such communities bring people close together and encourage them to read your new books. 

Join discussion groups

Not only be the author of your books but also show that you are an expert in writing and literature. Join thematic groups and take an active part in discussions. Help other users find answers to their questions. Here are some examples of such groups:

Run contests

Various competitions and contests are an excellent way to increase interaction with readers. After all, who doesn’t like to win and receive gifts? You can offer your book with a signature or book merch as presents. What kinds of such activities can you arrange on Facebook?

  • Best review for the book
  • Guess details from a new book, such as the location of an event or a character’s name
  • Best fan art for your book

You can also give gifts to the most active members of your page.

Cooperate with other writers

Other writers are not necessarily your competitors. By collaborating, you can help mutually increase readership, raise awareness, and promote your books. How to interact with other authors effectively?

  • Tag other writers to boost visibility
  • Write reviews of other authors’ books and publish them on your page
  • Conduct shared online broadcasts
  • Notify your readers of new books
  • Prepare joint giveaways.

Summing Up

So, how are you doing, Facebook marketing expert? Now you are armed with everything you need to effectively promote your book through one of the most popular social networks. Let’s recap:

  • Create engaging and helpful content in different formats
  • Interact with your readers and cooperate with other authors
  • Keep the publication regular
  • Share interviews, host live chats, and arrange various events
  • Get the most out of the Meta Business Manager account, including store and ads.

Which way have you already used on Facebook? Please share your experience with us.

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Vasylysa In her spare time, Vasylysa likes reading books, writing fiction, gardening, and walking. She hopes to publish her own book and become a famous author one day.
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