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7 Steps to Self-publish a Book in 2024

5 minute read

If book release is on your list of resolutions for 2024, then you’re in the right place! 

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to self-publishing your story, from editing to marketing. Keep reading to find tips on creating a winning cover, and enhancing your story with interactive content.

1. Polish your manuscript

We’ll skip the step where you must write the first draft because it’s obvious. Let’s move on to such a large piece of work as editing your manuscript. After all, presenting a high-quality book to the reader without plot holes and grammatical or spelling mistakes is crucial.

There are several stages of editing:

  • Self-editing. Read, re-read, and edit your work. It’s about smoothing the rough edges, catching typos, and ensuring your narrative flows seamlessly.
  • Beta readers’ feedback. Beta readers are your trusted allies, providing fresh perspectives and valuable feedback and helping you find plot holes and other errors that potential readers can see.
  • Professional editing. An experienced editor will help you improve the plot, strengthen the characters, improve the logic of the text, etc.

As an indie author, you may have a limited budget. If you can’t afford to hire an experienced professional editor, spend more time self-editing and use tools to help you check your text.

2. Format your book

Don’t overlook the importance of formatting. First, it makes your book compatible with publishing on the chosen self-publishing platform. Your manuscript should have a specific size, margins, etc. If you are going to release it across different websites, make sure it meets the standards and requirements of each one.

Secondly, a well-formatted book enhances the reader’s experience. It looks professional, and the audience feels pleasure while reading it.  

Moreover, you can add extra details, such as chapter openers or drop capitals, to make your book aesthetic.

You can format your book on your own using helpful tools:

If you want to add visuals, hiring a professional designer is better.

3. Get a marketable book cover

Your book cover is potential readers’ first impression, so make it count. It conveys your story’s tone, genre, and essence, giving the audience a sneak peek into the adventure awaiting them. 

Moreover, a cover helps readers find the book according to their tastes. It signals what’s inside – a heartwarming romance, a thrilling mystery, or an epic fantasy. A glance should give them a clue.

To make your book cover stand out in 2024, here is a sneak peek into cover design trends of the upcoming year:

  • Meaningful object-based covers
  • Ornate patterns
  • Vivid illustrations
  • Abstract visuals
  • Pop art and retro designs
  • Botanic elements
  • Eye-catching collages
  • Impressive double exposure


Book cover design by Getcovers

There are different ways to get a book cover:

  • Using DIY tools. This is one of the cheapest ways to get a book cover, but you will still need to pay for licensed images. In addition, you need to do market research and understand what works best for your genre.
  • Hiring a professional book cover designer. They possess the technical skills and artistic flair to create visually stunning and effective covers. Experts understand the psychology of color, typography, and imagery to capture a potential reader’s attention within seconds.
  • Buying a premade cover. It’s a chance to get a professional cover but at a lower price. Premades meet genre standards and expectations, so they are effective. Moreover, many designers adjust premade covers if needed.

You can choose one that meets your budget and possibilities the best.

4. Release your book in different formats

Modern readers have different tastes. Various gadgets allow them to read books in all formats and anywhere. No wonder the popularity of stories in digital form continues to grow. For example, ebook sales grew by 3.7% over the year. In addition, the number of people listening to audiobooks in the US has increased from 45% to 53%.

Thus, publishing a book in various formats will allow you to reach a wider audience. By the way, audiobooks are one of the self-publishing trends of 2024

Today, it is easier to release an audiobook. You don’t even need to hire a professional narrator. KDP has launched a new feature that allows authors to quickly create audio versions of their stories using synthetic speech technology.

5. Enhance your book with interactive features

Since we live in an era of rapidly evolving technology, it’s a sin not to take advantage of it to make your book more unique and appealing. This is especially true for children’s literature, as this market is projected to reach $962.8 million by 2030.

So, what does it mean to enhance your book with interactive features? Give your readers a glimpse into augmented reality. By the way, AR is one of the marketing trends of 2024. So, why not use it for your work promotion? For example, you can add a QR code, which will open 3D illustrations or animations of your story.

You can also create a mobile app. By opening it and pointing the lens at the pages of your book, readers will see characters and scenes come to life.

6. Publish your book on different platforms

Amazon is one of the most popular websites for indie authors, but you don’t have to limit yourself to it. Publish your book on multiple self-publishing platforms.

Various platforms attract different readerships. Making your book available on multiple channels increases the likelihood of reaching diverse audiences with varying tastes and preferences. Moreover, each website provides unique tools and features to promote and enhance your book. Thus, you’ll increase your book’s online visibility.

7. Start marketing before publishing your book

It’s simple: almost no one will know about your brilliant book without marketing. Start a promotional campaign long before publication to create buzz around your story and evoke a strong desire to buy it. 

We’ve written many times about how to create an effective marketing plan for indie authors. Therefore, we want to emphasize several channels that will make sense in 2024.

  • TikTok. As of December 2023, BookTok has over 202.9 billion viewers. This is a vast readership, including fans of your genre. Thus, your presence on TikTok is obligatory. Posting videos and interacting with booktokers can increase your book’s visibility and boost sales.
  • Email marketing. Newsletters remain a powerful marketing tool. Build a mailing list, share updates, and treat your subscribers to exclusive content. Email marketing is the quiet force that keeps the buzz alive.
  • Lives and podcasts. Readers like to hear and see their favorite author because it creates a close connection. Organize live events where you share your thoughts and answer readers’ questions. Participate in other authors’ online events to expand your audience.

Summing up

If you want to publish your book in 2024, ensure your writing is edited well. Next, take care of proper formatting to meet the self-publishing platform requirements. Don’t forget a striking book cover – it’s like a first impression.

Publish your book in digital, audio, or even interactive formats if possible. Put it on different websites to reach more readers. Lastly, start promoting your book early.

Are you planning to publish a book in 2024? Tell us in the comments.

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Vasylysa In her spare time, Vasylysa likes reading books, writing fiction, gardening, and walking. She hopes to publish her own book and become a famous author one day.
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